Whitby residents are delighted to see contractors onsite for the upgrade of the Whitby New World supermarket.

The long-awaited upgrade has been promised for the past two years, but the contractors, Armstrong Downes are now on the job, which is expected to be completed by the end of November. Owner Operator Sam Cockcroft told the annual general meeting of the WRA that the upgrade was substantial and would deliver a range of benefits for local residents and shoppers.

Mr Cockcroft said that the upgrade would give the store another 30 percent of space, which would mean a larger fresh produce area, more meat displays, dedicated fresh fish area, mussel machine, extended bakery and delicatessen, and 23 more display bays for package goods, equivalent to another whole aisle of product offerings.

Sales technology would be upgraded also, including a conveyor on the checkouts. New flooring throughout, and a new roof were part of the upgrade, with some ‘back of house’ changes as well.

Mr Cockcroft said the supermarket would trade right through the upgrade work which is expected to be completed by November. Inevitably there would be some interruption to the car park arrangements as the contractors needed a work area for deliveries of materials. These would be kept to a minimum. Extra parking is available at the Adventure Park car park, with a safe access ramp and pedestrian crossing, and security cameras are to be installed there for further safety..

“We know there will be some disturbance for regular shoppers but all we can do is ask for your patience and tolerance. The end result will be a much-improved supermarket with better customer access and customer experience. Please understand this is a case of short term pain for long term gain,” he said.

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