Whitby Residents Association

The Whitby Residents Association (Inc) was established about 40 years ago with the development of Whitby itself, and has played an active role in the village, and the facilities, services, and residential development.

Earlier this year, we completed our 2013 village plan, which itemised desirable development in Whitby and Silverwood going forward, including a ‘wish list’ of projects which will enhance the village and the lifestyle we all enjoy.

Whitby Village Plan Photo

In 2030 Whitby will be the most desirable place to live in the Wellington region. It will have an upper quartile quality of life for all its residents as evidenced by a wide variety of housing styles, shops and community facilities. There will be an extensive network of interconnecting walkways covering all of Whitby and a higher than normal percentage of reserves. It will be a friendly, safe, caring community which is committed to the preservation of a sustainable lifestyle. It will show a strong affinity in its local character to James Cook and his exploration of Aotearoa.

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Pictures of Whitby

If you care about your community and want to know what is happening and why, join the Whitby Residents Association, have your say, and become part of the decision making process.

The Association is a not-for-profit incorporated society which represents Whitby residents and ensures that stakeholders and the Porirua City Council hear the voice of the community of Whitby. We have many projects on the go, and we need more members to help us achieve for our community.

Your membership enables you to have your say about how rates are spent. We lobby for public facilities to enhance Whitby, and work towards building Whitby as a progressive community which is enjoyable to live in, plus you can learn about new work which is likely to affect Whitby, such as Transmission Gully, and Brookside housing.

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Spinnaker Summit

Spinnaker Summit

If you are feeling fit and want to see the stunning ‘view of a lifetime’, make the climb to the new Spinnaker Lookout, which was officially opened last month. With short but steep walking access only from The Anchorage and Mercury Way, it is well worth the effort to get up there, and enjoy the panorama which stretches from Mana Island around to Pauatahanui, looking north.

The new lookout has seating and information panels, and the pupils of Discovery School buried a time capsule on the site, which is also identified. Soon the bare clay will be top soiled and grassed. Be sure to take some water with you when you visit. The drink will be welcome when you reach the top, but save some for refreshment again when you return home.

Lakes Distance Markers

Whitby walkers can now measure their exercise with a series of markers around Whitby Lake. The markers were installed at the request of local residents, keen to know how far the walk is. Walking and exercise are part and parcel of living in and enjoying Whitby.