The weather hasn’t helped but the fountain and aeration units are now in working at Whitby lake, and the final adjustments are being set for the anemometer automatic control which switches the fountain off during high winds.

Commissioning the fountain is another stage of the Whitby lake enhancement programme. The fountain and the underwater “bubblers” will ensure that water quality is maintained in the lake and prevent the growth of algae bloom which has been a problem at the lake.

The fountain will only work within certain wind perimeters. The system will also include water flow and water quality measurements and monitoring which indicate the amount of aeration required to achieve the best outcomes.

Approval was given by Porirua City Council to proceed with an enhancement programme. Following an inspection and discussion with the Cawthron Institute in Nelson, the council and the Whitby Residents Association agreed to proceed with the lake aeration and fountain, which is being funded by Porirua City Council, Whitby Residents Association, the Hutt Mana Charitable Trust, and a private donor.

Photo by Mark Dekker.

Whitby lake fountain

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